About Us

Kokopax started in 2007 as a baby carrier brand combining comfort with the latest safety innovations in baby care products.  After five years of succesful production the Kokopax line was discontinued and sold, however the spirit that started the brand still remained.

Lisa Edwards continued Kokopax and took her expertise in product development and aboutusimagesafety testing and created this site – a resource for all current and soon to be parents to get the latest, unbiased reviews on baby gear.

Lisa has worked for the last fifteen years as a safety analyst at some of the biggest clothing and automative safety manufacturers.  She’s an avid activist in her local community and holds workshops with baby product manufacturers around the city to teach them how to incorporate design with high quality materials ensuring safety.

Kokopax is a continuing project that is funded via affiliate revenue based on our in depth reviews.  If you want to contact Lisa to request a product review or contact kokopax to discuss promotional events please use our contact form.

Our goal is to provide high quality non-biased reviews to help parents decide what is the best baby product on the market.  We have a team of three reviewers who are all experienced mothers and have used a number of baby products from a variety of manufacturers.

How We Review

Existing User Reviews

If you want to know the truth about any product all you need to do is dig deep enough into the user reviews to cut through the marketing and find out how the product really works. That is exactly what we do in our research stage.  We read all existing reviews from Amazon, Ebay, parenting forums and even buy and sell groups. We aggragate all of this info to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Consumer Review Boards

Believe it or not. There are actually some impartial consumer product review boards that test new products (especially products developed for infants) for safety.  These are government regulated organizations that put products to the higher test.  The US maintains some of the most rigorous standards for children’s products especially those aimed at infants under two years old.  This information is accessible via online journals and paid membership.  Our Kokopax team takes into account existing reviews before deciding our “Editor’s Choice”.

We Test it Ourselves

With a staff of three mothers on board and over 10 contributors our mommy mafia network is pretty strong.  Between all of us we have almost all used most of the products we review. We get first hand feedback about what products work and which don’t.

If you have any products you’d like us to review – please contact us at admin@babyhq.org